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These aren’t the times we chose, they are the times we were destined for. Welcome to your adventure!

Recent Lessons

Lesson 14: All About Angels

“Hark!” the herald angel sings, but what does that even mean? What even are angels? Are there different types of them? In this lesson, you will learn all about these special beings and how they interact with us in God’s great plan. Introduction Go Deeper! Note: Parents of young children, especially those with children still learningContinue reading “Lesson 14: All About Angels”

Lesson 13: The Sacred Triduum

Our Church is now approaching the high point of the entire year! Throughout Destined, we have learned about many of the feasts and seasons Catholics celebrate at Mass. The Sacred Triduum is the shortest season on the Church calendar. It begins with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday and ends on HolyContinue reading “Lesson 13: The Sacred Triduum”

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